Eastman Dental Featured on R News

More People are Considering Cosmetic Dentistry

For decades those with severe dental problems have been turning to cosmetic dentistry for help. Recently even those with moderate flaws are doing the same. From teeth whiting to caps and bridges cosmetic dentistry is becoming big business. But those who turn to this type of treatment say finding the right dentist is crucial.

Sitting through dental work can be difficult. For Alex Picciano it’s worth it.

“I don’t think anyone should let themselves go. At any age,” Picciano said.

After having his teeth removed, Picciano wanted something secure.

“If you’re happy go ahead with dentures. I would never be happy with dentures,” said Picciano.

Thirteen crowns and six veneers later Picciano also has something that looks good.

“I like to make people happy and the first thing when I look to a person, I look to the smile,” Dr. Alina Dellanzo.

After studying at NYU, Dellanzo is picking up specialty training at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester.

“Cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, veneers, the extreme makeover that you see on TV, that’s what we do,” Dr. Carlo Ercoli.

With 30 percent of all dental work now considered cosmetic dentists trained in this area are in demand.

“It’s the confidence in the person you’re going to. And I have a lot of confidence in her,” said Picciano said.

So much confidence Picciano was willing to drive all the way from Manhattan so Dr. Dellanzo could finish the job.

“I wasn’t aware how far it was. But I’m not unhappy about coming here,” Picciano said.

Even with the 640 mile trip Picciano is saving money.

“Even more than double,” said Picciano.

And even with a few more treatments left to go, Picciano likes the way he looks and feels.

“I know that people take these things out of their mouth and put them in glasses at night. I didn’t want to go through that,” Picciano added.

by Casey J. Bortnick
Photo by Todd Krupa
Published Feb 27, 2009


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4 Responses to Eastman Dental Featured on R News

  1. janet moore says:

    could you please let me know if you do implanted teeth.
    Since I have had dentures it has been a nightmare for me. I just cannot wear dentures.

  2. nice post.. worth reading..

  3. veneer teeth says:

    great post about veneers!

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