Mother and Daughter Get New Smiles before Wedding

Cynthia Amarosa has always felt self-conscious talking to strangers.

The Amarosa family with Dr. Gupta

“I worried about how people perceived me because I had bad teeth,” she said. Her daughter was getting married soon, and was dreading having her picture taken for the wedding.

But then the Utica, New York resident saw a newspaper ad about Eastman Dental, and she went to the website and learned about the services.

Cynthia Amarosa before treatment

“I had five implants placed, teeth whitening and six veneers,” Amarosa said, “and I was able to afford all of this work by coming to Eastman Dental.”

In fact, her other daughter Samantha, the bride’s sister, decided to have her six front teeth done also before the wedding.

After treatment“A smile is the first thing people notice, and I’ve always been very self conscious about mine,” explained the 23-year-old teacher’s aide.  Samantha, who said her teeth were crooked and had an undesirable space, would quickly closer her mouth if she thought people were looking at her.

“I was really nervous, but Dr. Gupta made me feel right at home, always joking with me,” Samantha added.  Samantha had her teeth reshaped, and porcelain veneers on six teeth.

“All my friends and family say, oh my gosh, they look amazing!” Samantha said with a wide smile. “If it wasn’t a 2-hour drive, we would make Eastman Dental our regular dentists…everyone is extremely friendly.”

“I can’t say enough about the quality of work done,” Cynthia Amarosa added. “Dr. Gupta, Dr. Malmstrom, Stacey the implant coordinator and all of the staff have all been exceptional. The staff is professional, courteous and caring and the pride they take in their work shows. Dr. Gupta went above and beyond to make sure that I had my teeth completed for the wedding.”

“I was so happy that day just to be able to stand with my daughter and not be embarrassed to smile or worry that I was smiling too wide and you could see the gaps,” she said. “We actually had someone comment on one of the pictures that our smiles were so bright!!

“My daughter is also ecstatic about her smile; she had crooked teeth in the front and now they are beautiful and white and she looks just stunning with them.

“It really has been a life altering experience and I couldn’t be happier,” Cynthia said.

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